Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party

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Take a trip to Strawberryland and see how Strawberry Shortcake, Orange Blossom, Ginger Snap, Huckleberry Pie and Blueberry Muffin can help you get the birthday party started.

Party Invitation Idea

It all begins with the selection of the "berry" best party invitation idea. Find ready-made invitation packets at or if you're keen on making your own, follow these easy instructions:

1) Using red, green and black cardstock, cut out a strawberry shape, a stem and leaf shape, and small "seeds".

2) Punch 2 holes in the top of each "strawberry". Thread with red/green grosgrain ribbon.

3) Type the party information: when, where, what time? on a piece of vellum and paste on your "strawberry".

4) Sign off with a scented Strawberry Shortcake sticker and the name of the birthday girl.

4) Send in a pink envelope and wait for RSVPs.


Decorating your party area can be as fun as the actual Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party itself. Take your cue from Strawberryland where it "rains and snows bright red berries of all sizes." Hang crepe paper streamers in greens, reds and pinks. Cut out strawberry shapes and suspend them from the ceiling using fishing wire and modeling clay as the adhesive. Balloons in these same colors will add a special pazzazz!

If your party is outside, you can set up different "booths" for a carnival like atmosphere (great for older children). Each booth can represent a different character and game. (Example: Using Pupcake as a concept, cover a small table with a blue cloth. Cut out an enlarged picture of Pupcake as decoration. The activitiy here could be decorating already baked cupcakes with colored frostings, candy decorations, etc.) Make sure you enlist friends and family to "man" each station.

Ice Breaker Games

As your guests arrive, make sure they have something to do while waiting for everyone to arrive.

Start with a guessing game. At the entry point to your party, display a glass jar filled to capacity with red, green, white or pink M&M's. Let each guest submit their guess as to how many candies are inside. The winner will be announced at the end of the party and take home the jar as his prize.

Have coloring pages with crayons and markers, glitter and glue, maybe even stickers, displayed on a table. Let the kids create their own decorative pictures while waiting. Display the pictures on a makeshift "bulletin board" (simple plywood with a felt covering-using the Strawberry Shortcake theme) and give a prize for best picture!

Have a Strawberry Shortcake video playing on your TV for those who might not want to participate in any pre-party games. BUT turn the video off once the actual party begins.

Party Games

The games you choose for your Strawberry Shortcake birthday party will depend on the number of guests you've invited and their ages.

Game idea #1--Surprise package

Create a "surprise package" by wrapping a "prize" in a small box. Add subsequent layers using newspaper or wrapping paper. With every layer you can include a smaller "prize" (candy, sticker, knick-knack, eraser, etc). Build a fairly large package with about 7-10 layers. Sit your guests in a circle. Start playing some Strawberry Shortcake music, and have the kids pass the package from one to the other. When the music stops, the child holding the package gets to remove a layer. Start the music, and the package continues to be passed around the circle. The child opening the last layer wins the game and keeps the larger prize.

Game idea #2--Strawberry hunt (for older kids)

Divide your guests into 2 groups. Their mission will be to "find" the strawberry treasure you have hidden. Written clues that you have placed outside in various locations, lead them to the final destination and prize. Clues should be based on the characters found at Strawberry

Game idea #3--Strawberry hunt (for younger kids)

Decorate hardboiled eggs with red food dye and decorate to resemble strawberries. Hide them outside and have your guests look for them. (same as an Easter egg hunt) The winner is the kid who collects the most eggs.

Game idea #4--Squash the Strawberry

Tie a red, green or pink balloon around the ankle of each child. The object of the game is to burst the balloon of the competitor. Last person standing with his balloon intact wins....OR

Tie the balloon to the waist of each child, using a long string or ribbon. Each child has to sit on his own balloon and pop it. The first kid to pop his balloon wins.

Game idea #5--Pin the "Strawberry"

The classic birthday game "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" takes on a new twist. Choosing your birthday girl's favorite character, make a placard to hang on the wall. Choose the "detail" that you want the kids to pin on. For Strawberry Shortcake, it might be the strawberry on her hat; for Cookie Dough (the pony) it might be her tail. Your imagination rules here! Blindfold the kids, give them a spin and set them off in the direction of the placard.

Game idea #6--Hat Decorating Contest

Strawberry Shortcake hats can be bought at any party supply store. Provide sequins, felt, feathers, buttons, ribbons and the like and let the girls design and make their own fashion statement. Hats can be taken home as party favors.

Game idea #7--Carnival booths

As was mentioned above, having your Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party outside opens up an amazing number of opportunites for creativity. Plan your party around these booth ideas.

Booth # 1--Bean Bag Toss

Taking a piece of plywood, draw Strawberry Shortcake's likeness. Cut a hole where her face should be. Make bean bags to look like strawberries, using red felt, black markers and beans for filling. Give each contestant 3 tries to throw the bags through the opening. As an added attraction, you can pose your guests behind the likeness, take their picture and let them have the snapshot as a party favor.

Booth #2--Penny pitch

Fill a kiddie pool with water. Float plastic plates in the water. Have your guests pitch pennies, trying to land them on the plates.

Booth #3--Orange Blossom Candle Squirt

Decorate on table with an Orange Blossom table cloth, orange balloons and crepe paper streamers. Set up orange candles. Provide your guests with orange water pistols, filled with orange colored water. The object of the "squirt" out the candles.

Booth #4--Angel Cake Cupcake Decorating

Playing off of the Angel Cake character, have a booth where creativity rules. Provide frosting, cake decorations, sprinkles and candies to decorate already-baked cupcakes. Have a "Best Decorated Cupcake Contest" and award a prize at the end of the party.

Booth #5--Huckleberry Pie Ring Toss

Decorate empty clear plastic bottles (from your favorite soft-drink) using Huckleberry Pie as your inspiration. Fill the bottles with colored sand in shades of blue and green. Buy 3 plastic rings at your favorite toy store. Challange your guests to "hit" the target, by tossing the rings at the bottles.

By now, you get the idea of this type of birthday party theme. The only thing holding you back now is the limits of your own imagination.

The Cake

If you want the ultimate Strawberry Shortcake birthday party cake idea, then log on to and invest in a Wilton Cake pan. Everything you'll need for a "berry" special cake is included in the package. Click on the picture for more details.

The most important thing to remember when planning this Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party is that PREPARATION is key! Start planning at least a month in advance so that at party time you can relax and enjoy being the birthday parent!

Congratulations and may we wish your party girl a very happy birthday and many happy returns.


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