Easy Strawberry Cake Recipes

Add some easy strawberry cake recipes to your collection of favorite desserts.

Do you have a list of favorite cake recipes? Maybe it even includes some strawberry cake recipes? You know, the ones you can make without even glancing at the written recipe.

My favorite is simply called, "Grandma's Fudge Cake," and was taught to me by my mother. Written in her own handwriting on an old, stained index card, this recipe holds a special place in my "beat up" conventional, old-fashioned recipe file box.

Although I don't refer to that card anymore, I often bake my grandmother's recipe...I always seem to have the ingredients on hand. Cocoa, margarine, eggs, milk, flour, sugar and vanilla extract. It's familiar and links me to my past.

Here, on this website, I'm learning to link my past with my present and, hopefully, my future. I'm learning more and more about strawberries and their uses, and in the development of this section, became hooked on the old saying, "have your cake and eat it too!"

What exactly do I mean?

By adding a strawberry element to your cake recipes, you're adding nutritional value to your baking. Whether as a garnish (strawberries are most healthy eaten fresh) or a key ingredient within the batter, you'll be providing a source of vitamins and folate to your dessert.

With this in mind, I hope that you enjoy the recipes I've included in this section, and that you'll be adding at least one of them to your list of favorite strawberry cake recipes.


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Strawberry Crunch Cake Recipe

Easy Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

Strawberry Shortcake

Cream Cheese Coffee Cake Recipe

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