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Recipe for Success

Ingredients for Building a Web Site

Wouldn't everyone like to discover the recipe for success? I know I would...and in certain ways I think I have with Site Build It!

Hello. My name is Susie and I live on a small kibbutz in the Sharon region of Israel. I'm originally from the United States, but after college, I came to Israel, and except for a short five-year "stint"( with hubby and kids in tow) in South Bend, Indiana, I've lived most of my adult life here in the Middle East.

So why am I telling you this?

Just to emphasize the fact that we live in a global village, and to let you know that it doesn't matter who you are, where you're from, or what you do....if you have a dream or desire to make something happen, YOU CAN.

If someone had told me a year ago, that I would be the creator of a website, I would have thought them crazy! I am the least technical, least computer savvy person I know. I shy away from operating anything that comes with a set of written instructions. I'm what you might refer to as "technically challenged". I don't know how to use the TV remote control and I've never learned how to program the DVD.

On the other hand, I love certain challenges and consider myself to be a jack-of-all-trades (non-technical though they may be). I've learned how to garden, quilt, bake, sew and cook by following simple instructions and using my instincts. "Can't" is a dirty word in my vocabulary, so when I accidentally came across on the internet, my basic curiosity took over.

In truth, I was browsing the internet (okay, I know how to turn on a computer), looking for job ideas for my oldest son (a cartoon and graphic artist). I needed something that was simple and required little (preferably no) investment for my "starving" artist.

I remembered that an acquaintance, Tamar Shippony, had once started a wall mural business. I logged on to her website, and the rest is history!

Tamar's site had expanded and she and her brother, Elad, had become co-creators of the website: I learned from them that the possibility to earn a living on the web was not just a dream, but a reality....their reality. As I read through their site, I knew that I wanted that reality to be mine.

How'd they do it?

By using the tools provided by Dr. Ken Evoy, founder and president of

Dr. Evoy has created a suite of tools that leads you step by step through the process of building and monitoring a website. Written in a simple, fun, easy to understand style that "reads" more like a conversation than a textbook, these tools teach you how to create word based content that sells . From free e-mail courses, to PDF ebooks to his flagship product,

Site Build It!

, Dr. Evoy provides everything you'll need to succeed at building a web business. The only things you need to contribute are your motivation, time and original ideas.

Because my funds were limited (non-existent, really), and because I'm a skeptic at heart, my first step was to sign up for a free 5-day e-mail course on netwriting. Over the span of a week, I was introduced into the world of e-persuasion, targetted traffic, and niche-focused business. It was written so simply and honestly that I couldn't help becoming interested.

I learned that it's not about HTML, fancy graphics, pop-ups and banners (great news for a non-techie like me), but it's all about WORDS, CONTENT, HONESTY, and building TRAFFIC. But don't take my word for it, see for yourself . Download the free course by clicking here.

Although Dr. Evoy offers other free e-mail courses, after finishing the Netwriting Master Course, I was ready for something more serious. I made the decision to invest $30 in a SiteSell book,


Reading this book was even more of an eye-opener. Its 300+ pages, written by Dr. Evoy and Joe Robson, teach you the power of words, recognizing the mindset of your customer, the development of your unique selling proposition, and so much more.

This book got me so excited about the prospects of building a website, no...web business, that I could barely talk about anything else. My mind was racing so fast with ideas that I couldn't concentrate on anything else. My family had trouble understanding what was happening to me. But I had made my decision and there was no turning back. I decided to commit myself to building a site that would generate income, and I made the all important click that would "literally" push me in a new direction.

I bought Site Build It!

(I had nothing to lose considering that offers a 100% lifetime money back guarantee.)

This product is the flagship of It sells itself as an all-encompassing suite of tools that does all the technical work (site hosting, site promoting, site monitoring, HTML, ) leaving you to deal with the creative, fun part of building CONTENT.

But content about what?

That's the fun part....deciding what to base your site on. Enter, once again, Dr. Evoy. His best and most sincere advise is to write about something you know and love.

My subject was obvious.....I love to garden and I adore kids....which led me to, you guessed it, gardening with kids. I brainstormed......came up with great interactive site....kid activities to implement on a community level.....kiddie gardens....backyard projects....the ideas kept coming. But would they sell? I needed to find out.

Aside from the step-by-step instructions that come with SBI, there's another great tool...Brainstorm It! This tool allows you to check out the supply, demand and profitability of any keyword you deem important to your site. And guess what? Most of my ideas had much more supply than demand....not a very good starting point for building income.

So it was back to the drawing board for me! And I drew a BLANK. Zippo.....nada.....not one idea. What's a girl to do?

At first, I panicked! Then I looked around for some help. During all this time that I was spending getting acquainted with and its products, I was also "meeting" other SBI-ers. People like Elad and Tamar (remember them), who were already implementing SiteBuildIt and generating income from their sites.

Michael Holland is another SBI-er that I'd "run" into via his website,

Michael had been doing his research, and came up with an ebook entitled, "Strike it Niche." This book includes easy-to-use blueprints for 70 high demand, low competition niche businesses that can be started on the Internet. I invested in the book, adopted one of his blueprints and that's how my site, was born!

Click here to find out more about StrikeItNiche!

That's the long and short of it. I'm now busy using Solo Build It! to create content-rich pages that will hopefully earn a good ranking at the search engines and create income for me in the near future. I'm learning about affiliate marketing and researching potential partners. I'm discovering a whole new world via the internet and I'm realizing my own potential.

Who knows, I may even learn how to program that VCR and use my remote control. :-)

Until then, if you've got any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Better yet....log on to

or take the "quick tour" by clicking here and discover your own recipe for success!

Best of luck,


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